Hear what our customers have to say about their experiences building their dream homes with Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes.

We cannot say enough about our experience with the Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes!

From the first handshake to handing us the keys, the entire experience was wonderful! When we decided to build our dream home, we turned to our friend and builder Bernie Bloemer.  Bernie and his team of professional craftsmen went above and beyond to accommodate our desire to build a historically correct home. Not only did we get exactly what we wanted, we have a modern home that proudly represents our Southern architectural heritage, one that will stand for generations!

And maybe best of all, we finished our house on time and within our budget!  Even now, after five years, if we have ANY  little issues with the house they are addressed immediately! While we love our home so much we never want to leave,  we would consider no one other than Bernie Bloemer to build for us again.

Thank you Bernie for our incredible home!

David and Melody Snodgrass

Janet and I couldn’t be happier with the way our building process transpired.

From the selection of the lot to the final completion of our home, Bernie was there to ensure our every need was met in a timely manner.

Bernie is a very “hands on” builder who gives tremendous attention to detail. We highly recommend Bernie and Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes.

Bill and Janet Schock

We have nothing but good things to say about Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes. Everything went so well with the first custom home they built for us that when it came time to build our net home we knew who we would hire.

Both experiences were fantastic. The most impressive aspect of Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes is the quality of their work – from the craftsmanship to the design element. Bernie had an attention to detail that is sometimes overlooked by builders. He took pride in his work and that was reflected throughout our home.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of building a home to call Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes if they are looking for competent, professional and personable service.

John and Beth Hughes

Bernie Bloemer built our dream home 7 years ago. The process was amazing. We saw our wants and needs go from paper to a real house for our family. We have been extremely happy with the quality of workmanship that was delivered by Bernie and his skilled team.

Bernie came to us highly recommended by friends and acquaintances that had their homes built by the Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes. The most important question that we asked them was, “Would you have Bernie build you another home?’ Their answer was always, “Yes”.

Bernie did not disappoint. He helped us to actually exceed our own expectations. Many people say that building a home can be one of the most stressful things that they have ever done, but we can honestly say that we enjoyed the process.

Our home was on the Brentwood Tour of Homes in October 2002 and was a favorite because of how “warm and livable” it was and still is.

When and if we build another home, Bernie will be our builder!

Ross and Jill Robinson

Our experience in building our dream home with Bernie Bloemer Custom Homes was a complete success.

We found Bernie and his team to be very easy to work with and always willing to do whatever it took to get the job done for us.

Ronnie Ganguly